Fields M150 RubrSeal

All Weather SEBS Asphalt

M150 RubrSeal is an all weather SEBS asphalt. The many uses for RubrSeal make it one of the most versatile roofing and waterproofing products ever engineered. Select raw materials have been formulated into an asphalt coating and adhesive that challenges the laws of physics by actually adhering under water. RubrSeal is a patented breakthrough achieved by Fields in SEBS chemistry. The SEBS rubber in RubrSeal provides maximum elastic performance against thermal shock, the daily expansion and contraction of a roof caused by temperature changes. SEBS rubber polymers are the only ones known to effectively resist the sun's destructive UV rays that attack the roof membrane making it brittle and weak, inducing membrane ruptures during thermal shock cycles. RubrSeal is your best defense against these attacks. With RubrSeal, your roofing and waterproofing installations will perform much longer. RubrSeal is asbestos free and has an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Class A Fire Rating.

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